In March 2005 Robo Games were held at the  San Francisco State University.  One of the contests was RoboMagellan, in which a robot had to navigate autonomously from a starting point to a destination point. 
Hanno and I decided just a week prior to the event to participate. 
We built our Robby from scratch, using a wooden chassis, wheels from a golfcart, and motors from handheld drills.  We had high tech navigation by GPS (global positioning system), and vision guidance by a camera and image processing software running in a notebook.  We tested the vision system by walking through the neighborhood.
The Rules of the Game

RoboMagellan is a robotics competition emphasizing autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance over varied, outdoor terrain. Robots have three opportunities to navigate from a starting point to an ending point and are scored on time required to complete the course with opportunities to lower the score based on contacting intermediate points.

The Course
The race took place in the Quad of the SFSU Campus.  The path was from A to B with 2 way points.

Some Participants


A2.jpg (87747 bytes)
Gpsbot.jpg (58915 bytes)

   The Starting Point

First Waypoint - (the red cone in the back)

  Second Waypoint


rmagt2005.jpeg (31875 bytes)         
The destination was located at the top of a flight of stairs, which you could circumnavigate by going up a sloping lawn on either side. 

11 contestants registered,
8 showed up for the race
None of the robots got even close.  None of them even made it past the grove of trees at the 1/2 way mark of the course.
Gold, Silver, and Bronze were given for the robots covering the furthest distance.
We did not win, but we fulfilled our goal to participate and to go at least 30 feet.
We learned a lot, and we enjoyed the nice event.

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