Model of a Windmill
In 1982 my family and I were vacationing on the island "Amrum" in the Northern Sea.  I am always fascinated by lighthouses and windmills and when I saw the windmill of Amrum I fell in love  with it.  When I then got a postcard with the plan of the mill I knew I had to build a model of the mill.  This became the first major "Father / Son" project with my son Hanno.

We made drawings, cut plywood with a fretsaw, built gears with toothpicks and covered the mill with straws - just like the original.  Our mill is also fully functional; a little motor drives the blades which then spin while the gears rotate.  When sugar ( substituting for the grain) is poured into the elevator it is lifted up, falls on to a chute and is ground by the millstones and finally falls to the groundfloor ( as"flour" ).

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