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I like to create a book with my photos and stories for family and friends.  Doing it on the computer and publishing it with Lulu makes it simple and the final book  looks professionally. 
Some of my books are written in English as well as in German. 
Everyone can order my books at Lulu -
Ingrit Sanders Spotlight Page at lulu.
  At first I wrote a book of fairytales, I was told as a little girl.  I added  photos and drew pictures -
the result is my Natures' Fairy Tales, which has enchanted my grandkids!
   Nature' Fairy Tales
  I wrote my next book for friends asking me about Silicon Valley - we are living here for 26 years, Ingolf's career took place in Silicon Valley and in nearly every big office he had done some work.  So I edited all photos taken over many years and we tried to give a short introduction about the workplace and the beautiful surrounding of Silicon Valley.
   Silicon Valley
  My little granddaughter visited us and played with all my dolls - a lot of fun.  After her visit I was thinking how to keep the dolls alive for her and for other little girls, so I took photos of all my dolls and added text - the first book, my little granddaughter could read by herself.
   My Dolls
  Learn to read with Amy and Mike!
I practiced doing vector graphics with Inkscape, when my granddaughter learned to read.  Trying to make it more fun for her to learn to read I designed my book Amy and Mike with lots of cute little pictures and easy words and sentences to read.
  Amy and Mike
  I love the Little Sandman - the little doll with a music box inside, that lulls a baby to sleep   And I like the story, that a Little Sandman is watching out at night, that everything is all right!  Again: buying a sandman for a brand new granddaughter, watching the sandman sit in my kitchen while I was incapacitated by a bad fall breaking my both wrists, I got to think about all the adventures a little sandman might have and I wrote stories and then I put my little sandman in the right picture.  So my book of the Little Sandman started!
    The Little Sandman 
  Don't trust my Camera - I like to edit photos, change the background, combine two pictures into a new one - creating a special new picture.  I have collected all my pictures in this book and you can see some of them at My Gallery:  Fun Photos
  Don't Trust My Camera
  I love to play golf - for 15 years I have played at Shoreline.  Whenever I play there I enjoy the beautiful scenery and I take photos.  This is a collection of photos - showing the golf course - for each of the 18 holes there is a photo of the Tee and the pin, isn't it tempting to just start playing golf there?
   Shoreline Golf Links
  The other golf course I love to play is Santa Teresa Golf Course - I am playing there also for the last 14 years and I also have taken many photos, sometimes forgetting about my golf ball while thinking about the photo. Again my little book shows every hole - one photo from the Tee and one from the pin - looking at the photos brings back memories of golf games at Santa Teresa.
   Santa Teresa Golf Club