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Big Sur Point Reyes Mono Lake
I enjoy taking photos, looking at them and working with them:  creating cards, albums, galleries, books, and movies.

Living in California I see daily beautiful scenery - and it is changing throughout the year.  Just walking out our doors we are within the Foothills, reaching up to 1800 feet, grassy areas, Eucalyptus trees and old oaks with views to the San Francisco Bay, marshland with wide views, adjacent to busy Silicon Valley but very peaceful.  Close by there is the Pacific with the gorgeous coastline:  Halfmoon Bay, Santa Cruz, Monterey, beautiful Big Sur, and San Francisco.  It is just 3 hours drive to the High Sierra, to the Yosemite Park and Mono Lake beyond.
We enjoy little trips and hikes around this beautiful area  - and I am always eager for a new perfect shot

As our son and his family have moved to Christchurch, New Zealand, we traveled several times to New Zealand visiting them and enjoying the magnificent scenery of New Zealand.  During every visit we found new lovely spots in New Zealand - new photo opportunities for me.
We were in Christchurch every year for several weeks for Christmas and for the last years since 2010 we felt the earthquakes and watched Christchurch being demolished - photos from "before and after"  - and all photos from Christchurch, chronicling the time from 2009 till 2013

I lived in Hamburg for the first 40 years - I still consider it my hometown.  I have been back quite a lot, always trying to capture my memories on photos.

I love to see flowers grow and birds fly - and I am happy if I can capture a wonderful flower or a special bird.

One photo is worth 1000 words - how much is a combination of 2  words worth?  I do not only take the photos, I also manipulate them into something new - my Fun Photos.

I like to play Golf.  There are a lot of Golf Courses around, my favorite ones are Shoreline Golf Links and Santa Teresa, where I play regularly.  Very often, when the Sun is shining and the grass is bright and green I am even more focused on the nice views around - taking photos - than watching my golf ball.  We still are members of Saratoga Country Club, where I played a lot of tennis.  I still swim every day in the beautiful pool and sometimes I play golf up there - always enjoying the views.

We like our trips along Big Sur, to Point Reyes and across Sonora Pass to Bodie, Mono Lake, and the Saddlebag Lake.