Christchurch was devastated by earthquakes:


September 4. 2010 the Canterbury Quake measuring 7.1 – which luckily did not cause a lot of damage in Christchurch

Aftershocks have continued till today, we felt the “Boxingday Aftershock “ December 26. 2010 magnitude 4.9.   
The biggest occurred on  February 11. 2011, magnitude 6.3. many buildings, nearly all the center of Christchurch collapsed.
On June 22. 2011 another aftershock occurred, magnitude 5.1, which damaged the Christchurch Cathedral totally.  Another big aftershock, while we were in Christchurch happened on December 23. 2011, we saw the cliffs of  Redcliffs and Sumner falling.  Starting from the first earthquake in 2010 there were more than 13 000 quakes, more than 100 of the magnitude of more than 4.7

The damage to Christchurch is immense; the wonderful City of Christchurch is gone, it was cordoned off for nearly two years, all high rises are being torn down.


I have set against each other photos from “before and after” the earthquakes:


It will be rebuilt and in a couple of years it will be beautiful!    

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